Baruch College Department of Mathematics | Actuarial Science Major


Actuarial Science Major

The field of actuarial science applies mathematical principles and techniques to problems in the insurance industry. Progress in the field is generally based upon completion of examinations given by the Society of Actuaries (SOA). The Baruch College major is designed to prepare students to pass the first five examinations. Students interested in this highly structured program are urged to contact the Department of Mathematics as early as possible so that the department may assign an advisor to aid in formulating an appropriate course of study.

Prerequisites for Major:

MTH 3006 ( Integral Calculus  4 credits) and MTH 3030 (Analytic Geometry and Calculus II 5 credits)


MTH 3006 and MTH 3007 and MTH 3020


MTH 3010 (Calculus II 4 credits) and MTH 3020 (Intermediate Calculus  4 credits)


ACC 2101 Principles of Accounting 3 credits

CIS 2200 Introduction to Information Systems and Technologies * 3 credits

STA 2000 Business Statistics I * 3 credits

ECO 1001 Micro-Economics 3 credits

ECO 1002 Macro-Economics 3 credits

* NOTE: Students who have completed MTH 4120 Introduction to Probability, may be waived from CIS 2200 and STA 2000. Please consult the Weissman Office of the Associate Dean to request registration permission.

Required Courses

MTH 3300 Algorithms, Computers, and Programming I 3 credits

MTH 4120 Introduction to Probability 4 credits  (Students who have completed MTH 3120 must register for MTH 4119 as an independent study, please consult the Department of Mathematics).

MTH 4410 Theory of Interest 4 credits

MTH 4500 Mathematical Finance 4 Credits

FIN 3000 Principles of Finance 3 credits

FIN 3610 Corporate Finance 3 credits

In addition, one course must be chosen from the following list of electives:


MTH 4125* Stochastic Processes 4 credits

MTH 4130 Mathematics of Statistics 4 credits

MTH 4135* Methods of Monte Carlo Simulation 3 credits

MTH 4420 Actuarial Mathematics I 4 credits

MTH 4421 Actuarial Mathematics II 4 credits

MTH 4451 Short-Term Insurance Mathematics (Risk Theory)  4 credits

* Actuarial science majors are encouraged to select this course.

The following table shows the correspondence between the five preliminary examinations given by the SOA and the courses at Baruch which contain the required material.

Baruch Courses                             SOA Examination

MTH 4120                                                      P – Probability

MTH 4410                                                     FM – Financial Mathematics

MTH 4135, MTH4420 and MTH 4500           IFM – Models for Financial Economics

MTH 4420 and MTH 4421                             LTAM – Models for Life Contingencies

MTH 4130 and MTH 4451                             STAM – Construction and Evaluation of Actuarial Models


Validation by Educational Experience (VEE)

The VEE topics are not prerequisites for the SOA exams, and may be fulfilled independently of the examination process. You must pass two SOA actuarial exams before applying to have your VEE credit added to your record. Students must receive a B- or better in a class to obtain the VEE approval for that class. The VEE Candidate Credit application process is online. Three subjects, Economics, Corporate Finance and Applied Statistical Methods, require VEE Validation in addition to the SOA examinations. The SOA has implemented VEE requirements for these subjects which can be fulfilled with the corresponding Baruch courses:

Accounting  – ACC 2101

Micro Economics – ECO 1001 or ECO 3100,

Macro Economics – ECO 1002 or ECO 3200 or ECO 4200

Corporate Finance – FIN 3000, FIN 3610

Applied Statistical Methods – MTH 4430

Additional information may be obtained on the SOA website.