MTH 1023 – Intermediate and College Algebra

MTH 1023 – Intermediate and College Algebra

This course develops the algebraic topics that are needed for most basic quantitative courses at the college, including factoring, quadratics, linear equations, rates of change, rational and irrational expressions, functions and their graphs, non-linear systems of equations and related applications.

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Peer Led Team Learning

In addition to attending lecture three times per week, students in MTH 1023 will participate in a weekly session of Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL).  During weekly PLTL session, students meet in small groups to work collaboratively on practice problems to help master concepts and develop problem solving skills.  A trained PLTL Peer Leader will guide the group.  Students need to bring classnotes and textbooks to every PLTL meeting.  Most students will have the electronic (“e-book”) version of the textbook, accessible through MyMathLab.  Students who don’t have a tablet or a laptop may want to borrow one from the kiosk on the second floor of the Vertical Campus near the main elevators to access the e-book during PLTL.  The problem sets used during PLTL are developed by MTH 1023 faculty, and will be similar to what appear on homework, quizzes, and exams.  Attendance at PLTL is mandatory.  Absence from PLTL counts the same as absence from class.


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