MTH 2160 – Ideas in Mathematics and Applications

MTH 2160 – Ideas in Mathematics and Applications

This course is designed for the arts and sciences student who wants to sample the intellectual breadth of mathematics. Topics are chosen that are representative of the following fields: number theory, infinity in mathematics, geometry and topology, modern physics, computer arithmetic, set theory, the history of mathematics, probability and statistics, and graph theory. Applications of the ideas discussed are presented wherever feasible. Some possible topics include primality, the nature and representation of numbers, the Euclidean algorithm, numerical approximation, geometric sequences and series, cardinality, the bridges of Koenigsberg problem, projective geometry, non-Euclidean geometry, relativity, binary arithmetic, symbolic logic, the life of a selected mathematician, games of chance, misusing data, planar graphs, and network analysis. (MTH 2160 is not recommended for students whose major requires a statistics course or another math course. It does not meet the BBA base curriculum math requirement.)

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