MTH 2207 – Elements of Calculus I and Matrix Algebra

MTH 2207 – Elements of Calculus I and Matrix Algebra

This course is an introductory applied calculus course with business applications. Topics to be discussed include algebra of matrices; inverses; linear systems of equations; Gaussian elimination; intuitive and geometric definitions of the limit; derivatives of algebraic, exponential and logarithmic functions; optimization problems; related rates; curve sketching; the antiderivative and areas. It is recommended that students who intend to pursue further studies in mathematics register for MTH 2610. This course is not open to students who completed MTH 2003 or MTH 2009; these students take MTH 2205.

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On the MTH 2207 ALL Blackboard site you will find many useful supplements. Read the announcements on that site, it will tell you how to get onto WebWorK, where sample final exams are as well as where their video solutions are located.




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