Mathematics Summer Immersion Program

Mathematics Summer Immersion Program

The Mathematics Summer Immersion Program was designed for prospective incoming students whose mathematics placement is below college level or slightly deficient. It provides an opportunity for students to take courses which, if successfully completed in the summer, will advance their mathematics standing. In many cases, to a college level math course.

Students who need to take these courses receive a letter in June inviting them to register. It is strongly recommended that invited students participate in this tuition free program, it is required for SEEK and Prelude students.

The program begins after the July 4th break, and is offered in both the day and evening. The day program includes regular classroom instruction, tutoring and computer assisted instruction. The evening component has longer classroom instruction as it does contain tutoring or computer assisted instruction. The program runs six weeks, ending in mid August.

The courses offered in the Program are:

FSPM 0121: This course covers topics in intermediate algebra. Students placed into this course have demonstrated a knowledge of elementary algebra. Students completing this course may register for MTH 1030 – College Algebra, in the fall.

FSPM 1031: This is a college algebra course, identical in content with MTH 1030. Students completing this course may register for MTH 2003 – Precalculus with Elements of Calculus, in the fall.